You won't believe what happened at band practice

Listen to this super funny true story... So we had practice for Band tonight and I have class on Thursday so I had to be late no biggie. So we're in the process of practicing and videotaping ourselves so that we can send it to a prospective gig next week. So as we are practicing I see a man in my driveway by my garage. We are in the garage this guy is waving at me he looks like my brother Tim .I thought it was. So we finish the song and another guy pops up guess what people its not my brother. Now two people are in my backyard with cans of Bud Light in their hand. This guy waves to me and I look at him and I say do I know you? He says no you don't I heard you guys playing down the street you sound awesome so I figured I'd just come down and see what was up. At this point I'm just laughing like who does that ,stella is a terrible guard dog for the record .so he says can you play another! So of course this guy stroking your ego so we play another. Then a lady pops up. She's with these guys evidently she said I was listening from the fence lol then they came in so now I'm here. We are your neighbors from down the street. Long story short or even longer that was some funny random s*** that just happen but I think we liked it cuz they liked us. -Toni